Orange County Personal Trainer

Orange County Personal Trainer

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What is it like to be an orange county personal trainer?

      It’s awesome let me tell you! I’m originally from the midwest (IL) and lived in New York City for about four years. In both areas it can get super cold in the winter time making it diffcult to train or perscribe certain exercises. Plus there was always the unfortunate cold/flu and i’m sure just “cold days”. Here in Orange County California as a a personal trainer, we are good to go 365 in comparison! There is almost always a beautiful day that we can go and train somewhere outside. There are trails we can jog/hike and exercise along the way, and the beach is legit and adds a dynamic that can really build the legs, balance, and overall fat loss to a workout. The best part is you jump in the ocean and remineralize yourself from all of the electrolytes you may have used during the workout. 

Orange County Personal Trainer

Why did The Wall Street Trainer move to Irvine and become an Orange County personal trainer?

       However, I always had the intention on coming out to California to persue fitness modeling, acting, and other ventures. It was worth the wait for sure. People are very friendly and I feel more aware of their health. Personal training here also has it’s benefits of location. Although I have a permanent location available, most personal training sessions are in home or at apartment complexes of the client. I also perform a large amount of online personal training. To learn more about online personal training, please check out this other page Online Personal Training.

“I spent 4 years in New York City as The Wall Street Trainer. I made some great memories, friends, and it was also time for the West Coast Dream! “

Irvine is an awesome city. It is rated one of the safest places in America. It has beautiful weather pretty much every single day. There is fresh air, clear skies full of sunshine, and people are friendly. The location is also Ideal for a quick jump to L.A. where I’ll often head to for auditions, projects, and fitness modeling. A huge magnetism Irvine had was that it still had its distance from the city, but was close to other fun areas like Laguna beach! Being outdoors is something I really enjoy, so the trails and hiking opportunities are awesome too. 

      From a personal training perspective, this is awesome. There is so much to do, such a great place to workout year round because of the temperature, and so much more.