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     Hello, my name is David Miller and I’m the Wall Street Trainer. I might be far away from New York City nowadays out here in California but, that doesn’t mean I’m far away from you. In fact, I’m even closer to you with online personal training. I’m as close as a free application that you can have right on your phone. That is the great benefit of online personal training. You have access to it anytime and anywhere. Online training is relatively new. The great benefits of online training are that it is more affordable than in-person training and you can still receive a solid plan for success both in and out of the gym.

      Oftentimes with online training, people are worried and ask “Am I just getting some kind of cookie-cutter routine?” or “Am I just getting some basic meal plan?” and the answer is no, at least with me. I will make a truly customized program for you. When you sign up for the luxury workout and nutrition program I make a meal plan like I would want one. The aim is always to basically make it feel like you are not on a diet! 

       Now we do have to keep in some components for results and while you can’t have a box of donuts every day, we could program you to fit one in every day. Is it recommended to do this for results? Heck no it isn’t recommended. However, if not having a donut for 4 months straight leads to you making a run for the nearest donut shop and walking out with $32.18 worth of donuts (I’m not saying this is from personal experience and I’m not denying it isn’t…) then yes, it’s recommended. Nutrition plans packed with well, NUTRITION, can definitely be provided. This is the most optimal way to reach your goals. Having a more nutrient-dense diet will improve performance and recovery. Here’s a peer-reviewed article that can give you some better insight into the important nutrients play when trying to perform at your best physically (and mentally as well). While we can program in how to have a treat every day, it generally doesn’t have the highest nutritional value.

         Having a small fraction of calories that are nutrient lacking is not going to derail you, but it’s not going to help as much as something nutrient-dense. Now, this is where I come in one of two ways and possibly both. Let’s take a personal example. I LOVE pizza with a passion. Everything Friday night as a kid I was blessed to enjoy movie and pizza night with my family. Ever since then pizza, has been near and dear to my heart. 

    Fast forward some 20 years later and those few slices can easily transform into an extra-large 3 topping pizza with a bag of low-calorie popcorn. I often said to myself or people around me “ah I’ve burned it off in a couple of days”. After paying closer attention, it took closer to 1.5 weeks of dogging myself to get back to Pre pizza. Oftentimes, I  felt so sluggish the next day I decided it was a rest day and it must be due to the intense workout the day before I had completed. After realizing this, I started seeking out low-calorie options. I decided I wanted something that tasted good and made me feel good after the bliss of the evening meal faded from my taste receptors.

     I sought out nutrient-dense options and ingredients that also tasted good. After some trial and error, I have found multiple options based on the demands I place on my body or goals to achieve. Trying to add muscle? we can go with an even tastier healthy meal. Trying to get absolutely shredded? Then we can drop a ton of calories, provide a pizza that makes you feel full after you eat it, and also doesn’t taste like stale cardboard. 

      This is one example of what we can do to your workout plan. Now the question becomes are you someone who doesn’t mind preparing this kind of meal? If so that’s awesome! You have a ton of flexibility of what taste and ingredients you can have for dinner. Is cooking not so much your thing? Fear not! I have searched far and wide for pop and presto style (bake and eat, no prep) as well. These healthy pizza options can be ready in as little as twelve minutes from the time you open to eat! As I said, I’ll take care of the nutrition calculation and meal prep instructions/product and you are good to go. I stay under 10% body fat year-round while having pizza, ice cream, and other “treats”. Here’s a photo three days after eating an entire healthy pizza I made.

      Maybe the luxury program is not for you at this time. That is totally cool too and I’ll still put together a meal plan based on your needs and goals. Pick out two “treat” options and I’ll send those as well your way! These plans will still have a great assortment of awesome tasting meals for your online personal training experience and also get you the results you are striving to achieve for your goal. The cornerstone of this “magic” that allows us to “have our cake and eat it too” is commonly referred to as IIFYM or If it fits your macros. If you would like to learn more, here’s a great article to bring you up to speed.

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       The Online Personal Training workout program provided will be a custom plan that includes everything from the exercise, sets, reps, and rest time. These are all backed by science and other leaders in the feel such as Dr. Layne Norton. The exercise program designed for you will be composed to ensure a consistent progression that it is going to drive you closer to your goals and is also something that is ongoing, challenging, and achievable. 

       The Luxury Program includes a full demonstration video for each exercised performed. Sometimes you are not 100% sure about an exercise. Maybe it has been a while and a nice 10-30 second video clip would do the trick. In the free application for your mobile device, you can have exactly that experience. Just a quick refresher or lesson on how to safely complete an exercise. If you need more in-depth instruction or want to follow along with an entire workout; you will also get free access to my personal website that has full-length workout videos. 

       This program is extremely versatile and it’s something that we can be flexible with from week to week and even from one workout to the next one. For example, if there is, unfortunately, say a sprained ankle or something from you heroically saving your neighbor’s cat from the tree we can make an adjust fro the next several days and/or weeks. We can go in and change the exercise routine to make sure that you don’t make that injury worse and still progress towards your goals and overall desired results. If you decide to go with the First Class Program and an injury occurs, email me with the contact information listed here and I will get back to you asap on an alternative! 

      I’m always here for you. I will go that extra mile for you because I want to see you guys succeed! I don’t want to just have you guys come to me and then have a bad experience. I want you guys to walk away having a wonderful experience, knowing what to do exercise-wise, feeling confident about what you’re doing in the gym and everything outside of the gym as well in regard to health and fitness.

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      Communication with online personal training is key. Due to its importance, we will have daily communication in the application, of course on the phone like normal as well, and any other method that you prefer to use and/or are most comfortable with using to communicate. What is really cool about the free app is that you have the added ability to message, send video/photos within the application itself. These features run smoothly and are similar to what you make expect from your phone messaging service or messenger on facebook. Are you not quite sure about how you are performing an exercise? Send a quick video with a wide-angle and good quality to me in the app with your question. I will send a video back (almost immediately) explaining how to improve the movement may be improved to get the max out of the exercise, what looks great already, and your exercise as a whole. This could also include extra tips such as breathing, angle, perceived level of exertion, etc… One thing that I have learned from both personal and online personal training is the importance of effective communication. I want to know how the workouts are going for you. Was the start of the workout too easy? Were you on the verge of getting sick at the end? Were people asking you for an autograph because you are setting records?! I want to know how you are doing with the routine. I want to know how you are doing with your recovery. Are you getting enough rest? How is the nutrition plan sitting with you? I want to know does an exercise feel kind of awkward and if it does, I will go into the application and give you a different exercise that feels more comfortable to you, while still providing the same benefits. I am your fitness resource and happy to help you!

      I’m always here for you. I will go that extra mile for you because I want to see you succeed! I love seeing people strive for a goal and fight the good fight and walk out stronger than they walked in one day one. I don’t want anyone to come to me and then have a bad experience. Your satisfaction, results, and HEALTH are of vital importance to me and something that I do not take lightly by any means. My goal for you is to walk away having a wonderful experience, knowing what to do exercise-wise, feeling confident about what you’re doing in the gym and everything outside of the gym as well in regard to health and fitness. Online personal training should be a huge resource to your success and make it faster, easier, and an overall more enjoyable experience. From time to time I will throw in little fun tips, recipes, and even Ebooks I’ve put together for your success. 

      Every now and then someone inquires about the cost of online personal training. These prices originate from a number of different aspects. To list a few of these aspects, time is taken to create a program as well as check in’s, resources and education on how to maximize your results and deliver an easy to use the platform, and the software used to create and to continue to operate this site and other outlets of information. Looking for something without a price tag and some value? I’ve added some in-depth videos to youtube as well. 

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      Outside of the gym with online personal training, I will do my best to maximize your results as well. One of the biggest factors to how you will feel, appear, and perform will come down to your daily nutrition. Online training allows me to not only give you a detailed program for nutrition. It also allows me to monitor your nutrition as well. I will make you a custom meal plan that you can access online/in the app. We can take it a step further with monitoring software that allows you to have more flexibility with your nutrition, while I hold you accountable to your calorie and macronutrient goals. Apps like myfitnesspal are great for allowing you to be more flexible with your diet while also allowing me to watch how things are going and hold you accountable when needed. Nutrient tracking while tedious is very important and allows us to get to your results even faster! Again this is optional, I can definitely perform the heavy lifting and provide you with a tasty meal plan that does this as well. 

      There is no cookie-cutting with our online personal training luxury plan. I go in and say “What nutrients do we need for you to achieve your results?” Or “What nutrients do you need to perform at your best, to feel your best?” and to continue in a progressive way. We will do this from day one. Even if you are using the white glove program, these are still put into place based on your feedback and overall goal. We aim the target towards your goal and hit it! I will take in your starting data (height, weight, activity, age, gender, etc..) and figure out your calorie needs, whether you want to lose weight, whether you want to gain muscle, and compile an easy to follow nutrition plan. This includes a grocery list (white glove too) with a full breakdown of exactly what to get and how much of it to get for your entire week of meals. I will also go as far as to ensure you have a great balance of micronutrients as well. These may seem like a small matter (no pun intended), but these little guys pack a power punch of better recovery, mood, performance, and overall health. These are especially helpful in helping your body to function at its highest level. This means that most everything, from exercise to sleep will be enhanced, resulting in even more energy in your day to day life, better overall mood, increased recovery from workouts, and more energy for intense workouts that get you to your goals faster, and overall improved quality of life! I want to make sure that you’re in a good balance of your macronutrients too (protein, carbs, and fats). 

       We’re not going to do anything crazy like some websites, sources, or Instagram celebrities may insist you perform to achieve results. We’re not going to say “you’re not going to have XYZ, none of this, none of that”, you can never ever eat this food again. I believe in flexible dieting; mostly because it’s something that you can adhere to for the long run. It has a great track record for success and results. A diet is something that’s going to die (it has it in the word in it). I want something for you that’s a lifestyle, something that you enjoy from day to day. I want something for you that you can say “You know what, I’m excited to wake up and have this meal!”. Eating food is awesome and you deserve a plan that offers you both results for your hard work in the gym, as well as a satisfying sense on those taste buds. Part of what I do, what I love to do, is find those foods that are you know is kind of “off-limits” if you will, like a pizza or even ice cream or something like that like I mentioned earlier. I love finding and making a healthy version of that food for you that would normally be “off-limits”, especially from your trainer. I’ll send custom recipes your way and I will also show you in videos I’ve created as well (learn more here) exactly how to do it! Have your cake and eat it too! We still stay on track with your goal, while allowing for small nutrient-dense treats or even your own, dare I say it… cheat meal!

       I want a diet plan that you feel great eating and it’s not something that’s a chore or crazy complicated. I also send out helpful emails with tips, bonus workouts, recipes and more. I am always here and will always be flexible. I want to see what you are doing, how you are

feeling, and how I can help you out more with your fitness and health. 

       Is online personal training worth it? Heck yes, it is worth it! It is by far more affordable than in-person training sessions. You have a highly educated and experienced professional literally in your back pocket and you can get around the clock support to ensure you are maximizing your results. The various programs offered allow for different budgets and levels of assistance. Feeling good about your exercise knowledge and just want a plan, got it! Do you have no idea where to start and need help from day one with support? I’m here for YOU! Trust me, I’ve made the mistake so you don’t have to make them! I started out thinking apple pie was healthy because it had apples in it. That was as star wars say it “Long ago in a galaxy far far away…” Today I have several hundred hours of research and application of what works. I’ve taken the time to learn from the best in the industry and take my sources from peer-reviewed articles from sites such as Pubmed, a part of The National Center for Biotechnology Institute. “PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.”.

      Accountability is one of the most asked for items. From people who have a hard time getting to the gym to the more advanced who need to be kept honest about consistently giving 100% in and out of the gym for the long term. Online personal training allows me to be with you all day and night. Is there a big social dinner coming up this Friday that you know you may have a hard time eating something towards your goals? I’ll send a reminder right before why this goal means so much to you. Maybe it’s not just looking good, but wanting something so much more like walking your daughter down the aisle because your cardiovascular health made a change for the better after diet and exercise training. I have seen the Wall Street guys, the people who work 80 hour weeks, and while they have a healthy portfolio, they don’t have a healthy body. Health is a luxury that simply can not be bought, it must be earned. I’ll be there daily keeping you honest to this goal you are striving for achieving until it comes to fruition. There will be challenge times, and I will be there to help you through those as well. I am in YOUR CORNER for this fight for a better life and you are going to win!

      One of the other benefits of online personal training is that you have a ton of flexibility with your schedule. Generally, I would have to juggle when people could workout due to when they were available. This often meant I had to move people to other days, morning, or even weekends when I first started. I was limited to one 5:30 session and had to move the other three to four elsewhere. Remote training allows you to go on your schedule when it’s best for you. You don’t have to wait around for anyone and you could even have time to say “hey, the morning workout went great! Can you add something in for the evening? I’m feeling like I have a lot of energy today”. It could be the opposite as well. Not feeling so hot? Instead of losing out on a $150-200 in-person training session, we can simply move the workout to another day and/or time. That way you are saving money, and staying on track with your goals. We really have that much flexibility in both the workout programs. If you are in the luxury plan, I can go in and decrease the intensity for a few days for you to recovery and then bring back up to normal. In the First class Program, you can simply come back to the workouts you weren’t feeling one hundred percent for that day. Having this flexibility means better recovery, more financial savings, and overall better results because it’s customized not only to your fitness levels, but your life as a whole.

      Online personal training may raise the question, “are you knowledgable?” The answer is yes sir/ma’am (originally a midwest guy)! I have a degree in exercise science from Southeast Missouri State University. The American College of Sports Medicine has been my go-to for personal training certification. Lastly, I have been to several conferences and study the latest research and principals for fitness and health. I take this aspect seriously, as a well-designed program combined with the experience of seeing how people respond to training stimulus and programming for what life throws at you can be a huge difference in the quality of your results.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about online personal training. If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments about it, I would love to hear from you! You can always reach out to me with any questions. Feel free to check out more info here on the site. The best way to reach me is at or on the contact page -> CLICK HERE

To see what I personally do and am about, check out my personal website page -> CLICK HERE

Take care and all the best! 


David T. Miller

The Wall Street Trainer