How to Stay Motivated

      How’s it going guys. So today we’re going to talk about motivation. Motivation is one of those things that comes up a lot…One of the questions that I get a lot…Where does the motivation come from? How do you get it? It’s really not one of those things that just happens. You can kind of think about it. You can kind of look here and there for signs, or people that may inspire you. But, in my opinion, what it really comes down to is the question “where are you?”. Where do you want to go in life? What do you want to be? What impact do you want to make on the world? What impact do you want to make on your family, your friends, the people that you walk into every day in your day to day. What do you want your life to be? 

       Your life is not only the sum of everything that has happened from this point until the day that you die, but at every moment. That is your life. What you’re doing right now, this is your life. This is part of my life, and it’s those individual moments that can add up to making the difference in the person that you’re remembered for long after we pass away. It’s the footprints and the legacy that you leave behind for others to better themselves. What we do in this life echoes in eternity. 

     So that’s one place to start… What do you want all that to be? Do you want to be the person that people look back on and say hey “they were a hard worker, they had a positive mindset, they were a go-getter, they were there when I needed them.” You get these trace aspects that build up to being that person that you want to be remembered for forever. You say to yourself “okay, this is where I am now, and this is where I want to be. What do I have to do in order to get there? What do I have to become? What do i need to learn? What trials and tribulations do I have to go through? What do I have to do in my day to day? What habits do I have to form?” You take all that into your processing and you go from there. 

        That’s the start of motivation and then you have to give it energy. You have to feed it coals. You have to keep it hot. You have to keep it malleable, otherwise it’s going to cool off. It’s going to get cold. When it gets cold, it’s going to stop. When that happens, that’s the end of motivation. It comes and goes… It comes and goes… You wake up, want to go out for a run, “I’m going to get in shape”. It’s January 1st here I am! Maybe you want to get over a hangover on January 1st, and its January 2nd, “I’m ready to go out and go! I’m going to run! I’m going to run 2 miles today!” 2 miles is a good place to start and that’s what I’m gonna go do and you know what it’s raining outside it’s snowing outside whatever day that is you choose to go and it’s not that good maybe you know I’ll weigh another day I’ll wait another day and pretty soon it’s been two months and you only think about anymore motivation came to win motivation is an ignition it’s an it’s a spark it’s a spark to the flame and you have to you  have to add logs you have to add fuel constantly and that’s where discipline comes in you have to be disciplined about it and that’s the hard part you have to fill up the habits that ensure you’re going to stay on that path that even if you don’t want to on the days when it sucks and you don’t want to go outside and rain or you’re feeling a little eight-year feeling tired you don’t want to go to the gym or maybe your coworker brought in that box of doughnuts and you don’t want to have your your broccoli and chicken and you know your your avocado for lunch you’d rather just have a doughnut or two but it’s those habits it’s remembering why you started of where you want to be not where you are that is going to motivate you and keep you disciplined as well for that long-term motivation is a short term that initial spark discipline due diligence effort consistency is what’s going to carry you the journey and when you are able to do that then that’s where you go in life that’s that’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be and it’s it’s it’s so challenging it really is you know we all struggle with it but it’s in that struggle it’s in having that difficulty that makes it so much worth it that makes it so much worthwhile that once we get to that point that we can look back on and say hey I I did this I went in and I I went the journey I went the mile I went the extra mile to get to where I wanted to be to be to being that person that I wanted to be and there’s so many things that you can do along the way once you’ve established that motivation to get started because the discipline is the hard part but it’s also the easiest because all you have to do is show up even if even if you’re just kind of going through the motions you’re going through those motions you’re getting in the habit of doing that thing and it will start to feel weird if you don’t you know I’ve been I’ve been working out and lifting here for years and if I don’t go for 3 or 4 days I start feeling weird you know things feel off it doesn’t feel the same I don’t feel right you know and that’s what that’s how you want it to be if it’s you know if you’re trying to build a habit of of you know as kids we build the habit of brushing our teeth it feels weird to us if we don’t do it nowadays not just because we you know are our breath would smell bad or you know over time our teeth wouldn’t look so good because it feels weird because that habit has been instilled in us hopefully from that young age right or you know maybe you’re maybe you’re somebody who’s really trying to work on this habit of eating healthy and so you prepare every Sunday you say you say to your spouse you say to your boyfriend your girlfriend or your roommate hey let’s get together and you know spend an hour or two and we’ll just knock everything out for the week we’re gonna have all this healthy food and we’re gonna go in and it’s going to be it’s going to be a fun experience you know through a movie on throw some music on and we we can you know make a make a time of it and you do that you know week after week after week after week and then one maybe one week roommate spouse whoever it is that you’ve been take teaming with is that out of town they you know they’re on vacation they’re seeing family whatever and even though they’re not there you still have the strong desire to do it and it’s because you’ve built that habit you built that habit back to your mind I was like this is what I’m used to this is what I need to do this is what I need in my life to feel right because you’ve built up that habit and in doing so you’ve ensured you’ve you’ve curved out you’ve carved out the groove and so if you go outside of that groove if you go off the path then it feels weird it doesn’t feel right and you know what you you drop right back into it you drop right back into gear and you’re back on track and you’re like hey this is where I’m supposed to be I feel right you know you go out you have McDonald’s you have pizza you have something that just like it doesn’t agree with your stomach maybe it tastes good going down maybe you feel okay for a couple hours with man later on you’re not feeling right or you know you’re having a little bit of a extended trip to the restroom and you’re like I’m out of my I’m out of my zone I’m not where my body knows they’re supposed to be the body will start picking up on it not only the mind but also the body right and so in doing so you build those habits so you got a have you had the motivation you want to see where you want to go and you see where you are now you you reverse engineer you see what you need to do to get there you start doing that and over time you build up the habits you build discipline and then it’s routine you keep that routine and even if you get off track you’re able to come back to it you’re able to get back on track and it feels right and you know hopefully along the way people start to acknowledge it people will start to say hey you’re really yours you’re awesome you’re doing great you’re consistent with this you know I see you jogging you know your neighbor comes around the corners like I see you jogging every every morning at 6 o’clock like I don’t know how you do it like yeah you know I don’t know how to do it either I just I just you know feels weird if I don’t you know I get up when I go outside and and I do that or you know I see you at the gym every every day after work like you know aren’t you tired after works yeah you know I’m you know there’s a lot of times when I’m tired after work but you know it are even more tired if I if I don’t go to the gym you know and it doesn’t feel right you know I got to get my workout in or like how do you how are you eating you know all this healthy food all the time I don’t you want to have like all this junk food you know there aren’t you like ravenous it’s like well you know maybe I’d work it in a little bit here and there but for the most part as long as I’m eating healthy food I feel pretty good I really don’t have any cravings because you know my body’s getting everything it needs so you you do that’s what you do guys and then if you’re really if you’re really having trouble I think the hardest part is identifying what you want those habits to become and making sure that you don’t get too sidetracked at the beginning and one you know there’s multiple things you can do you can you can you can write it down you know I I’m a strong visual learner myself but there’s a lot of science to writing down your goals you know and doing it both physically seeing it and then you know speaking about it as you’re doing it you have multiple forms of information coming into your mind you have the visual you had the physical with the touch via writing you had the verbal the auditory right as you were reading what you write and then it’s in your own hand it’s in your own style right and you’ve placed it somewhere where you can see it every day it’s a constant reminder or maybe you’re putting on your phones like you know I want to build a habit of you know being being more clear I want more clarity in my life I want more energy and you know what I need drink more water so you you put it on your phone it pops up a couple times a day you know set it so 10 – and and right after we get home be more clear have have you have energy and drink some water you know and then it’s a little reminder I think because that’s easy to get sidetracked there’s so many things going on in the world and so you know staying staying on track and not letting the distractions distract you is a huge thing but you know every now and then may play devil’s advocate and look at the flip side it’s like okay well you know what screw it I don’t want to eat help anymore like why you know I I’ve been dieting for a month and a half and nothing’s happening like I’m not losing any weight I don’t look any better you know I feel a little bit better like what’s the point and Plato’s advocates say yeah what is the point what’s the point of doing all this you know I guess maybe I’m living I’m gonna live longer maybe it’s just gonna take time because I’ve been eating this way for silver several years in the past four or five weeks you know maybe my bio needs more time to get used to it maybe it needs time to adapt to this change in food or maybe I just need to make a little slight adjustment maybe I need me more patient with it and you know do do things like that it’s like okay what if I you know I’ve been working out for a month and I’m not I don’t see any changes and really it takes you know most people about eight weeks you know you can do a crash course and hit it really hard and see changes in for but most people they don’t see any changes especially because from a body standpoint like it takes time to remodel muscle tissue to remodel bone it just takes time guys and it’s where patient patience comes in but you can look at it from that point of view say okay you know what I’m gonna play devil’s advocate on this one what you know what happens if I stop lifting my bones are gonna not be as dense so I’m gonna be more likely to get you know osteoporosis or have weak brittle bones as I get older I’m not gonna have as much vigor and energy and vitality I’m not gonna be as strong I’m gonna be more likely to get injured if I you if I go to catch myself or something like that I can’t help people move you know things I can’t you know move my own furniture my own home or something like that there’s just so many things that are going to negatively affect your body if you don’t do that and asking the question asking the inverse the question you know why should I lift why should you not lift you know it doesn’t really make that much sense why should I why should I not eat healthy well there’s not really a whole lot because we know we know guys and that’s why we start and so I think I think what a lot of people because I’ve seen it guys a lot of people when they when they start out with it they’re hot off the start guys and you know they get two three four five weeks in to a new year’s resolution or this new habit you know they had the motivation they found it they know where they wanted to be and they’re doing good they’re persevering they’re fighting the good fight and they’re just not seeing the results and what I have to say to that is be patient you know everyone’s different if if Sally Jean you know got fit in 30 days maybe it’s gonna take you 60 maybe it’s gonna take 90 if Roger Joe is able to benchpress an extra hundred pounds and you know two months it might take you four or five we’re all very similar as human beings but we’re also very different and so you can’t shortcut yourself you can’t shortcut your efforts and just give up there’s a reason you started and it’s your obligation and it’s your it’s your purpose it’s your it’s something that you believed in and if you give up on that you’re giving up on that self that part of you that wanted to be better and that’s that’s the person we all want to be we all want to be that better version of ourselves not only for ourselves but hopefully and what I believe is for others we want to be better for our family our friends our coworkers are neighbors the world in general because we’re more than what we are currently we can be more and that kind of person is the person that we all strive to be that we know we can be and we you know at the end of the day we look back at our day everyone does it unless you’re just that tired and just pass out but we look back at our day and we say you know what did I do everything that I wanted to do was I the person that I wanted to be did I settle did I go all in I give it my best effort or did I just kind of you know lolly-gag and was I just mediocre did I wake up and be was I’m mediocre today no one wakes up and says you know I want to I want to be the best mediocre person I want to be the best average Joe no because that’s not who we are as people that’s not who we are as humans because we are so freakin capable of being able to do amazing things I mean guys look look around the world at what we have accomplished and what we are accomplishing you know there’s a lot of uh there’s a lot of negative things there’s a lot of you know things we’re still trying to fix as human beings with ourselves with our environment the way we interact with each other and with our environment you know there’s just so much out there there is so much out there that we have accomplished we have gone leaps and bounds we’ve put a man on the moon we’ve traveled the oceans we can fly we can talk to people instantaneously across the world you know we’ve seen the outer reaches of space we’ve seen the nanoparticles of a human cell we’ve seen an atom broken down to even smaller subdivisions sub particles and you know we are just truly miraculous we are capable of so much more and every one of us has something like that in us you know maybe you’re not going to cure cancer maybe you’re not going to break down quarks which I believe is the sub particle of an atom maybe you’re not going to make the first Iron Man suit I am at least I’ll try you know maybe maybe you can’t be the best recording artist for R&B; or country or pop or you know bluegrass whatever it is but there’s something about you that only you have because of your experiences because of your knowledge your skills your abilities the person that you are and the person that you’re becoming and whatever that is you owe it to yourself you owe it to yourself to go in wholeheartedly with truth and vigor and tenacious enough so a chi vit and if you don’t know what that is that is my challenge for you today to go in and take some time to reflect take some time to reflect and ask yourself what am i passionate about what am I good at what do I enjoy what can I do to help others and make make a plan make a make a decision to go for that to go with reckless abandonment towards that goal towards that dream towards that decisive decision and don’t look back look back only to see how far you’ve come to help you go even further because the first step is the hardest one guys the first step is the because you’re getting everything in motion you’re overcoming that friction that that still stale part where your motion lifts right you’re giving it energy in that first that first step that first stride is gonna be the hardest one because you’re breaking all that kinetic friction all that friction that is holding you in place and you’re breaking through it and once you get that going the next one’s a little bit easier a little bit easier and you’re picking up speed and you’re going and next thing you know you’re sprinting full blast in the direction that you want to go with your life and you just keep going you know you seen Apso coming you’re able to jump over it you know you’re got enough speed you can jump clear it and keep moving forward you you know wall comes in boom you get the shoulder and you’re good to go you’re going through that wall you’re hopping over it you’re going around it you are mobile you are able you know you you slow down you you know maybe even trip make you trip but you know what you’re gonna trip and you’re gonna trip forward you’re gonna somersault over you’re a pop right back up because you’re not wanting to stay in the ground it’s like you know what I’ve come this far I’ve been running the race I’m not just gonna lay down in the middle of the track I’m bouncing back up now I’m finishing this thing cuz that’s who I am that’s you know the motivation that they got me started it’s still in my heart it’s still part of me I’m still internally driven but I have so much more now than just that start then just a spark I have momentum I have energy I have experiences and I am able to just conquer anything that gets in my way because this is what I believe in this is the habits that I formed this is the energy that I’m bringing and you were able to just keep going until you’ve hit that goal until you’ve made that difference in your life in other people’s lives and that’s what I believe motivation is and becomes it’s not just motivation guys motivation is temporary it’s the continuation of developing that motivation it’s like motivation is like the seed it’s it’s a small sapling that grows into the oak the oak being the discipline that stands the test of time that doesn’t waver with the winds of distractions and changing environment the oak stands strong the sapling it sways a little bit because we’re still building we’re still building that momentum we’re still building to become that person that we want to be to having that that motivation becomes something that we are not just that we we think but that we are you know Aristotle says that we are what we repeatedly do there for excellence is not an act but a habit we build those habits until it becomes who we are our thoughts become our words our words become our actions our actions become who we are and so it starts in the mind we continue it with action and due diligence and consistency until it is no longer any of those but it is everything and it is us so my challenge for you again is if you don’t know what you want to become of what you want that spark of motivation to be driven for take some time today maybe a half hour bring a pen paper find a quiet place where you aren’t gonna get interrupt you don’t have anybody texting you and think about what you want to be think about what difference you want to make in the world think about what you enjoy what you can be passionate about what you can do when no one else is watching and what you will do when everyone is watching all of the same ability which is your best because that’s what that’s what you feel in your heart and once you’ve done that or if you are already there set up an action plan you have to have a plan of action of what’s going to keep you on track because again we’re hauling out that groove we’re paving the road of where we want this to go and if we get bounced off where we know to come back on to and that way we ensure that we’re not haphazardly going through our day to day we’re on a direct path in the direction of what we want to be and where we want to go and once you’ve done that you’re golden guys you the habit is formed and then at that point it’s fun and the challenge is to not only just show up consistently and continue that habit but to make each moment as best as you can to make each moment 110% making it that hundred percent and then just a little bit more because you want it because we only have so much time right we only have so much time to make a difference there are things out of our control that may come up and it’s a race to the finish it’s a long race it’s a marathon it’s not a sprint but it’s a race to the finish and once you finish that goal you do the whole thing over again and you set a new horizon and we are always climbing we are always striving to be better we are always striving to be more and the journey never ends it never ends guys we just find new ones we just find more people to help along the way and in doing so we leave the world better place we leave the world a better place we make a difference in our lives and the lives of others and so that’s motivation for you that’s discipline for you and that’s all I’ve got time for today I gotta go hit the gym myself make a positive difference in my own life turn around help you guys out and so I will catch you later on if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email info at David Todd Miller comm if you want to see some more workout videos more nutrition more videos like this or if you’re listening to the podcast more more podcast like this one I’m gonna do it either way but if you wanna if you want something specific let me know and go out there like I said find that motivation and still the discipline but all along the way have fun and help other people out that’s what it’s all about guys because we don’t get to take anything in this world when we go it’s about what we leave behind and you can blew it you can leave behind a whole lot you can leave behind beliefs and you know inspiration for others to follow and better their lives for and so I’ll catch you on the next one just a day of Miller