4 Tips to Living Longer​

4 Tips to Living Longer

4 Tips to Living Longer

4 Tips to Living Longer

Looking for the secret to a happier life?  If you want to live a longer, more satisfying life, you have to make certain investments in your health. However, those investments do not need to be huge or challenging to offer benefits for your emotional well-being and physical vitality. In fact, some of the simplest truths and habits can help you achieve more wellness with less effort. Here’s what you need to know for improved physical and emotional health.

Health Hazards Could Be Hiding in Your Home

When you think about improving your health, you may think of protecting yourself from certain outside elements. For example, wearing sunscreen can protect your skin from potentially deadly forms of cancer. In fact, you may be shocked to know about the health risks that are hiding inside your home. These factors, which can range from poor air quality to exposure to toxins, can have significant and long-term impacts on

your overall health and wellness. So, if you think you may have an issue with mold, poor ventilation, or pests, in your home, take the necessary steps to address these potential health hazards. Much of the risk within your home comes from indoor air pollution, but you can easily boost air quality by cleaning on a regular basis and investing in an air purifier (you can find models on Amazon for under $100) to remove dangerous pollutants and toxins. It’s a good idea to hire a maid service (in NYC this will run you $170 on average) to give your home a one-time wall-to-wall cleaning.

Self-Care Is Not Optional for Health and Wellness

Another health risk that can be rooted in your home, or at least your routine at home, is a lack of adequate self-care. You may think that self-care involves pricey massages and spa treatments, and therefore is a luxury for your life. However, in reality, we all need self-care in order to manage our overall health. That self-care is more about basic health habits, such as getting better sleep at night and making more time to relax, than it is about expensive treatments or remedies. Need some ideas for fitting more self-care into your life? Try taking care of a few house plants, which will also boost your air quality as mentioned above. Or, you can simply allow yourself to laugh and smile more, to trigger positive responses in your brain.

Diet and Exercise are Easier to Improve Than You Think

It’s hard to talk about improving your health and wellness without touching on diet and exercise — that’s because those two habits are so essential to your health. Staying active not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, but it also kickstarts essential processes in your brain that are necessary for a positive mood. Try moving more throughout the day to get a little additional exercise into your routine. Eating a balanced, healthy diet can have positive impacts on your health and wellness too, but don’t think you have to commit to a major overhaul right away to see results. You can make smaller diet changes, such as cutting down on sugar or reducing your portion sizes, in order to make a difference in your weight and wellness. Plus, by making those small changes, you are more likely to continue your healthy eating habits.

Stress Reduction Can Improve and Lengthen Your Life

Self-care has already been talked about and you know that you need it to stay healthy. Those basic habits, like eating well and sleeping more, can help reduce certain health risks. But you also need to incorporate activities that will relieve stress, like mindful meditation. Why is stress relief so important? Chronic stress can do more than make you feel tired or anxious. When you experience chronic stress, you

become more vulnerable to health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Some mental illnesses have also been linked to high-stress levels. Meditation will help, but also think about other natural stress remedies, like journaling or drinking herbal tea.

A better life starts with you, and with the everyday habits that are crucial for better wellness and health. You need those habits, including the ones listed above, to take proper care of your physical and mental health and take more control over the quality of your life.

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4 Tips to Living Longer