1-on-1 Training


Why Train 1-on-1 with The Wall Street Trainer?


You work hard and you want your efforts to show. Combining the modern day science known about the human body with old-fashion accountability and work ethic. Each week you are given a progress report to show you exactly where you are in your training as well as what the goals are for the week to follow. There is no more guesswork or showing up and just doing the workout. Each week you know exactly where you have been and where you are going!


Nutrition can be challenging at times. I want to see you succeed and you need a sound eating structure to help accomplish your goals. A custom meal plan for YOUR body and YOUR goals will be given following an initial assessment. There’s no cookie cutting diets for individuals. We are all different and have different needs. My goal is to meet your needs on point, so you hit your target goal. Also, included with the nutritional aspect is a weekly newsletter that includes healthy recipes ranging from breakfast or dinner to smoothies and desserts (yes dessert!). Food is a huge part of life and it shouldn’t become anything more than a tool for you to succeed.


Know where you stand on day one. We will go through a detailed assessment to find your current levels of fitness, size measurements, and body fat. Body fat is determined by a cross-reference of military measurement procedures and caliper testing calculations. We will test body weight endurance and overall muscular strength. At the end of the assessment, we will have your base level and it’s building a body you can be proud of anywhere at anytime.


Do you have a question about the menu tonight dinner? On the road and don’t have the normal gym available? Contact me 24/7 and I will be with you in 45 minutes or less during normal hours. You will also receive supplemental workouts for the days we don’t meet. Access the video database that is always being updated with new content for questions you may have on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Friendly Reminders

Life can become quite busy and it’s easy to lose track of things. Receive a 24 hour notice before your next session. In addition to the notice, you will also have a visible schedule that you can access as well.