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Unlike other personal training venues, this is unique to you. You will have a custom fit workout and nutrition plan tailored to your needs. You will receive weekly progress reports to see exactly where you are on the path to a more fit you. Have customized music in a private studio. That’s right, a true 1-on-1 setting! There are no onlookers or random sounds of clanking equipment here. This is a place for you to concentrate and focus on your goals. Lastly, take your pick of various invigorating scents of essential oil fragrance filling the room. Sign up today for a no charge consultation and see for yourself.

David T. Miller

The Wall Street Trainer”


Stats: 6’1 200

Birthplace:Springfield, IL

Education:Southeast Missouri State University-Exercise Science Degree

Certification:American College of Sports Medicine

Background:5 years personal and Group Training, over 550 hours of observation and assistance in Physical Therapy, CPR certified, AED operation certified, First Aid certified, fitness model, Knowledgeable in: Kenpo Ju-jitsu, swimming, skating, collegiate level training, body weight training football, speed training, plyometrics, meal planning & nutrition, natural bodybuilding, fat loss, and more…

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