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NYC Personal Trainer – Located in East Chelsea & working near Wall Street 

NYC Personal Trainer – The Wall Street Trainer has over 14 years of exercise and sports experience and has been personal training since 2011. He has an Exercise Science Degree and is a certified trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine. He also has 7 years of AED, First Aid, and CPR certifications as a Red Cross Lifeguard, and amassed over 550+ hours of physical therapy observation and assistance during his college years.

David has experience in the following sports: Football (division 2), kenpo jiu-jitsu, inline speed skating, hockey, swimming, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and natural bodybuilding/men’s physique, and currently fitness models in NYC. His goal is to be on the preventative side of fitness and health rather than rehabilitation, and to inspire the masses to better themselves and their health.


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Reviewer I met Dave the very first month he had moved to New York. He was handing out flyers on Wall Street and despite my initial hesitation as I usually throw all flyers out, I kept his and a few days later I thought what the heck I gave him a call and the rest is history. Getting to know Dave as a trainer but most importantly as a person is one of the best things that has happened since I have lived in NY for the last 7 years.

He is diligent, organized but above all one of the most genuinely nice and polite people I have ever met. He really knows his stuff as far as personal training, physiology and nutrition and he truly cares about his .clients well being and goes the extra mile. I can’t imagine anyone better. I can’t say enough and I highly recommend. –Dr. Mehdi Aryan

Reviewer David’s approach to assisting people meet their fitness goals is unlike anything I’ve seen in the industry. His education combined with his ability to listen and communicate effectively is what makes him approachable, relatable and encouraging. His devotion to his clients sets him apart from other trainers because he focuses on mind, body and soul so that whatever emotional, mental or fitness breakthroughs the client has achieved during their time working with David can be sustained long after their goals have been accomplished. – Andrea Statler

Such an amazing experience. David is such a talented and passionate individual. He is always willing to help anyone. I would recommend him to anyone looking for advice or help with anything.- Michael Claussen

Reviewer David is incredibly knowledgeable and personable! The perfect combination in a trainer! –Sara Wagganer

Reviewer Loyal trainee for over a year. David’s the best!- Rebekah Rombom

Reviewer David’s positivity is contagious and his work ethic is tireless. – Timothy Dondanville

The Wall Street Trainer : NYC Personal Trainer
11 Broadway, New York, NY

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NYC Trainer - wall street trainerNYC Trainer

NYC Personal Trainer Credentials

Bachelor’s of Science: Health Management – Exercise Science

Graduated 2015 from Southeast Missouri State University

1 year as Fitness Facility Assistant Manager

Modeled for Billy Blanks TAEBO EVOULTION Promotional Video.

NYC Personal Trainer - wall street trainer


NYC Personal Trainer - wall street trainer
NYC Personal Trainer Mobile App for Workouts

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NYC Personal Trainer - wall street trainer

Stand Out In NYC

In a NYC with millions of people, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and go with the flow. Make a positive difference in your life, stand out and be uncommon. Invest in yourself and I will do everything I can from personal training, to meal planning, tracking your progress, and having 100% support from me every step of the way. I’m in your corner for your fight for a better life and healthier you!

Feel Free to reach out with any questions or sign up for a consultation to meet me in person and even perform a basic assessment or mock workout based on your goals. Looking forward to meeting you, hearing about your fitness journey thus far, and helping you achieve your fitness and health goals!

NYC Personal Trainer - wall street trainer

NYC Trainer

In His Own Words

” First of all fitness is truly my passion! Also, I have done all I can to consistently learn more about what makes the human body. Its not all about “looking good”. It’s also about feeling and performing at your highest level. My promise to you as a client is that I will be there with energy, passion, drive, and eagerness for helping you succeed in your fitness and health.

From day one I am in your corner checking in on you. I will consistently doing my best to motivate and educate you in the areas of fitness and health. You only have one life to live and one body to live in through this ride called life. I want to make sure you are doing it in your favorite sports car that looks just as good on the interior as it does on the exterior.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call/leave a message, send a text… whichever way you prefer. For a more formal way you may also email me by clicking the link -> Here . You May also set up a session or consultation Here. I wish you all the best, great health, and a life well lived!”

-Sincerely, David Todd Miller – The Wall Street Trainer